Bell Rock Snow – Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock Snow – Sedona, Arizona

Bell Rock with Snow

Visiting Sedona, az after a snow storm is truly awe inspiring. The iconic red rocks have a new look with snow. This photograph of Bell Rock and the Bell Rock Pathway with snow is a prime example.

New Years Eve, 2018

Being a photographer and living in the southwest, there are certain things you have on your “to do” list. One of our “To Do’ s” was to visit Sedona in the snow.

During the week of Christmas 2018, we were at the Grand Canyon, during our stay we heard that weather forecast for Sedona was a chance of snow over new years. Being a landscape photographer you need to be open to change. So we decided to stop in Camp Verde to see what happened. Our change in plans paid off. On New Years Eve, 2018, Sedona received 5 inches of snow.

On New Years day, the storm had moved on and we greeted with cold temperatures and clear sky. This was our chance to check off that “To Do”, we packed up our gear and headed to Sedona. As Bell Rock is located on the east side of Sedona, we made this the first stop of the day.

Bell Rock was in full light when we arrived and he Bell Rock Pathway trail provides some of the best views of Bell Rock. So upon arrival we headed down the trail and were rewarded with this fantastic view. 

It is always amazing how a few inches of snow can completely change the feel of a location. Without the snow the fence posts on the trail blend into the background. Add snow to the picture and the fence post now stand out, guiding your eye down the path to toward Bell Rock.

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