Cactus Flowers

We had incredible rainfall last winter and this spring resulting in amazing flowers! Everywhere I looked, the cactus and plants looked so healthy, green, and beautiful. I love to photograph flowers of every type, and I am amazed by nature and how each flower is its own world of beauty. The colors and designs are endless; this too amazes me. I am constantly learning, and … Continue reading Cactus Flowers

Ocotillos and Hummingbirds – The Perfect Match

Working Together Ocotillos provide a reliable food source for hummingbirds during their northern migration, all while getting pollinated along the way. Hiding In Plain Sight OOcotillos are common to the Sonoran Desert and are one of the most unique plants in the southwest. Most of the time, they appear like dead sticks and do not draw too much attention. That all changes in the spring … Continue reading Ocotillos and Hummingbirds – The Perfect Match