Gold King Mine & Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona

Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona a truly unique piece of Americana.

The word unique means being one of kind. It is one of those words that tends to be overused and it can lose it’s meaning.  However, I do not have any reservation using this word to describe Gold King Mine & Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona.  


It all started in 1890 when they dug a 1270 foot mine shaft in search of copper and instead they stuck gold. The small mining camp of Haynes sprung to life to support the mine and even had it’s own post office from 1908 – 1922. As with many of these camps it died off as quickly has it was born when the gold ran out.


In 1981 this area was rediscovered by Terry and Don Robertson. As soon as Don arrived he began to make this spot as unique as he was. Don traveled all around the United States to collect some the most iconic pieces of transportation history. To date the property is home to a collection of over 180 cars, trucks, pieces of mining equipment and even a working saw mill.

Did I Mention Trucks?

On the day we visited the wildflowers were in full bloom so we decided to focus on the classic styles of the old truck grills while incorporating the flowers. This resulted in an interesting collection of photographs that day. I am sharing a few of them below.

 1950s REO Comet - Gold King Mine & Ghost Town - Jerome AZ
1950s REO Comet in flowers

I like this photograph of a 1950’s REO Comet, for a couple reasons.  First I like the mix of the old of the rusting truck and the freshness of the wildflowers.  What caught my eye is the yellow on the grill matches the color of the wildflowers.  

1947 Mack Fire Truck - Gold King Mine & Ghost Town - Jerome AZ
1947 Mack Fire Truck

We found this 1947 Mack Fire Truck sitting in a bed of flowers    As the trucks are on display outside, they are weathering, This weathering is converting these old trucks into pieces of art.  

1947 International Harvester KB-8 Truck - Gold King Mine & Ghost Town - Jerome AZ
1947 International Harvester KB-8 Truck
1936 Corbitt Truck - Gold King Mine & Ghost Town - Jerome AZ
1936 Corbitt Truck
1960's Oshkosh Truck -  Gold King Mine & Ghost Town Jerome, Az
1960’s Oshkosh Truck

1935 Dodge Brothers Truck – Gold King Mine & Ghost Town

If you are looking for something off the beaten path, you will so enjoy Gold King Mine & Ghost Town.

The cost of admission is a few dollars, the value of the stories you will tell your friends upon your return, priceless!

Written By Keith Peters

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