Saguaro Sunset at White Tanks Regional Park

Sunsets are incredibly colorful and spectacular in the Sonoran desert. And when you add Saguaro Cactus into the mix, you have all of the factors for an iconic Saguaro Sunset photograph. And there is no better place to get this combination than at the White Tanks Regional Park.

What’s the deal with these sunsets

The sunsets in the southwest are very dramatic due to two key factors. First, Arizona has high-level storm systems with clouds at 20,000 to 30,000-foot levels. These high-level clouds allow for the sun’s color from these great heights. Secondly, moisture in the air will diffuse light rays, dulling the colors. The famous “dry heat” in the Sonoran desert allows the color from the clouds to reach our eyes without any disruption, providing us with these great sunsets.


Finding the right location and that perfect Saguaro is the next step in the process. To get most sunset in the photograph as possible, you need an unimpeded view of the sky and horizon.

Saguaro Sunset – White Tank Mountains – Arizona 2

In the case of these two photographs, we were at the apex of a hill, resulting in the desert dropping away from us. This allowed us to capture the sunset colors very low on the Catus

Saguaro Sunset – White Tank Mountains – Arizona 1

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