Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park is located in south-central Utah in the heart of red rock country. The following is our collection of photographs from this hidden gem. Reefs in Utah? The entire park is breathtaking.  Capitol Reef National Park protects colorful canyons, ridges, and buttes that are part of a geologic wrinkle on earth.  Erosion of the tilted rock layers continues today forming colorful cliffs, massive domes, soaring spires, twisting … Continue reading Capitol Reef National Park

Gold King Mine & Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona

Gold King Mine and Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona a truly unique piece of Americana. The word unique means being one of kind. It is one of those words that tends to be overused and it can lose it’s meaning.  However, I do not have any reservation using this word to describe Gold King Mine & Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona.   Gold! It all started in 1890 when … Continue reading Gold King Mine & Ghost Town in Jerome, Arizona